Though only one of the tools in our weight loss tool chest, the Lipomelt system is a key player in our journey of helping you lose inches and weight!

We get asked all the time… “Is this the same thing as Cold-Therapy, or Laser Sculpting”?

Here is what makes us different:

Diodes vs. Microchips
All other devices use Chinese made diodes that have proven to be problematic.  Our German made microchips are more powerful and more reliable resulting in consistent and effective results.

Not Lasers… Not LEDs… Not Paddles
The Lipomelt system is made up of 5000 powerful German-Made computerized microchips.  The unit includes a face mask and  6 large, sturdy and flexible pads all of which can easily cover all 11 priority regions at once. 

Integrated System

The combination of both red light and near-infrared microchips makes our system far superior in it’s effectiveness.

Shortest Treatment Time
Because of the large number of powerful microchips and the large pads that can cover most of the body and face , the Lipomelt system can accomplish more in a shorter period of time. 

Safer To Use
The current advancements of the Ultimate System creates tissue coverage and penetration of the light that is superior to LED devices as well as low level lasers, with very minimal risks compared to these other procedures.

Easier to Use with Quicker Results
It’s like being wrapped in a blanket with over 5000 powerful red and near-infrared microchips. Our new, larger, flexible pads cover more surface area than any other device on the market.