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“The free consultation was the most important part of the process. Mark did a great job explaining how it all works down to the last detail. I went in skeptical, but after talking with Mark, I felt very comfortable and excited about moving forward. Getting the free sessions, with no-strings-attached, really helped with my decision. All I know is, I weighed 246 pounds when I started and now I weigh 216lbs. I feel like I’m living again. Best decision I’ve ever made regarding my health.”

-Cam Manners, Nixa MO

Current Client

“After my second week at Lighthouse, I had to get a belt from the women’s section because my skirt kept slipping down while I was grocery shopping at Wal-mart!”

-Female Client in her 50’s who lost 2 dress sizes through Lighthouse

Branson, MO

“After my wife’s second Lighthouse session, I put my arms around her and DEFINITELY noticed a reduction in her mid-section!  By her 4th session, she was noticing a reduction of cellulite!  I too did several sessions of Lighthouse and noticed a reduction in my ‘man-boobs’, mid-section, and thighs.”

-Mark Scribner, Branson, MO

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